ShowBox for iPhone & iPad App Download (iOS)

ShowBox, world’s most popular entertainment app has been upgraded with a newer version. Since we have new technology gadgets, we can now explore a whole new world within your hands. Everyone uses a smartphone to do all the routine tasks. Being an open source platform, Android has become the most popular smartphone platform as there are variety of choices to make for all types of people. If you love watching movies and other videos but couldn’t find enough time to go to the theatre, you need not to worry. ShowBox is here for you. The app is loaded with a huge number of Hollywood movies and TV Shows to be explored. If you are using an iOS device, ShowBox for iPhone & iPad is also available. Download ShowBox for iOS from here. Keep on reading!

ShowBox for iPhone and iPad App Download (iOS)

ShowBox for iOS

ShowBox for iPhone or ShowBox for iPad allows you to watch your favourite Hollywood Movies and TV Show series. Anyone can start using this app as it doesn’t require any technical skills. If you know a bit of using a smartphone, you are welcome to use this app instantly. ShowBox offers a wide range of entertaining stuffs for everyone. Since we all are different and have different tastes, ShowBox offers entertainment for everyone at your fingertip. Just install the app on a respective iOS device, launch it up, start using it right away.

No matter which smartphone you are currently using, ShowBox app is there for you. Since you are using an iOS device i.e. iPhone or iPad, ShowBox for iPhone and iPad is now available. You are now allowed to install ShowBox on iPhone and iPad easily. Since there is no any official version of ShowBox for iPhone & iPad, you have to get it from an external source. Yes, you have to take help from a third party. You have to be a technical person to install this game on a respective iOS. You don’t need to be worried at all as we have prepared a detailed installation tutorial so that you can easily install this app on a respective iOS.

Of course, you might have encountered a number of such applications for your device and you might have used plenty of them already. Although, this ShowBox application has something which is why so many people love to use this app on their phones. Well, just to add a little bit more confusion, the app is not available officially on any platform. You might be wondering that if the app is not available then how can we get it for our iOS devices? Well, you can always take help from an external third party sources. We will explain you everything about this app and a complete installation process of it.
ShowBox for iPhone

Furthermore, ShowBox app has a sibling called, MovieBox. The name is different for iOS platform which means you will install the MovieBox app on a respective iPhone or iPad device instead of the original ShowBox app. You need not to worry about the UI of this app as both the apps serve the same User Interface, it’s just a different platform and that’s all about the change. Everything will be same as Android platform. Before we move further, we request you to get a little bit more information about this app by following its features list. We have compiled a list of all useful features of this app for a respective iOS device, kindly take a look!

Features of ShowBox App for iPhone & iPad

  • Serves a decent user interface so that anyone can easily start using the app
  • An absolutely impressive design with rich graphics make the game even more beautiful
  • User can choose and prepare his own favourite list to be explored whenever he wants
  • Get regular updates of new Movies and TV Shows within the updates section
  • A number of different categories to explore your kind of movies or TV Shows
  • You can even get the details of a selected movie or TV Show from the front page
  • Download a selected item by tapping on the download button
  • A separate Download manager menu is there where you can see and manage downloaded movies and other things
  • User can even share things to his friends right from the ShowBox/ MovieBox app
  • Watch any of your favourite Hollywood movies or TV Shows for free
  • No need to register yourself by any registrations
  • User will not be asked to enter any login details such as Username or Password
  • Just select a Movie or TV Shows’ episode to watch it in full HD quality
  • User can set up the quality according to the Internet connection
  • The app requires good high speed Internet connection to stream out the movies

So folks, these were all the extraordinary features available inside this popular entertainment app called, ShowBox or we can say MovieBox for iOS platform. As you are already being told that the app is not available on any official app store, we have to install it from an external source. If you are impressed with the app already, you are welcome to install ShowBox app on a respective iPhone or iPad device from here.

Download ShowBox for iPhone & iPad – Unofficial

In order to install ShowBox or MovieBox app on your iOS device, we request you to kindly open a web browser app on your iOS device. Once you are ready to explore the web, kindly open the above mentioned link on your device within the web browser application. Following page will be presented on your display.
ShowBox for iPad

Now, just select Install button given on the page. You could even see a QR code on the same page, you can even scan this code to start an installation process. Unlike other applications, you don’t have to follow big process to get it installed. Just select Install button and get the app installed right away. It will hardly take a minute to complete the process, it depends upon your Internet connection. To get better results, we request you to use good high speed Internet connection. So that your show must go on without any interruption and you will get proper entertainment just like a movie theatre.

This is what you need to follow in order to install ShowBox/ MovieBox app on an iPhone or iPad device. It’s pretty simple and anyone can easily do this. All it requires is a couple of steps to be followed. The app will be installed on a respective iOS device, once it gets installed, make sure to reboot your device once. This completes the installation process and you’ll be able to explore the app properly.

Once the device is on, go to Apps menu where you can see an icon of the MovieBox app. Just tap on the icon and a homepage will be presented to you. There will be no any registration form or any requirements of login to explore the app. Just add your gender or age group and you’ll be good to go. You could see a few categories to explore the app well. In the movies section, there will be a number of different categories to choose from. Just show off your interest by selecting a proper category and the app will present you the same movies which you have selected. Apart from all this, you can even select the Search option. Here you can enter a proper query of what you are looking for. You can use Keyboard to enter it, the app will present you the same movie which you have entered. Just select the movie to start streaming it out on a respective iOS device.

Additionally, ShowBox App for iOS will sometimes give you unwanted errors. Sometimes, it will not work properly on a device. In such case, you just need to turn the device off and restart it once. You can even delete the cache memory of the app to clear off available bugs from the app. You’ll be able to use the app without any error. Before installing this app, you can even check for a compatible version of it from the same site. It is always recommended to use the right compatible version of the app so that you can experience a hassle free entertainment without any annoying things.

ShowBox is globally popular as it serves a complete user friendly environment to be explored. Surprisingly, you are getting all of this for free without spending a single penny. Isn’t that amazing! Well, when there is something for free, one should not to think twice about it. Just go for it and get  ShowBox for iPhone & ShowBox for iPad right now.

What’s your take on this? If you have any queries or questions to be asked, you can drop us in the comments given below this post. We’d definitely like to help you out with a proper solution. If you are getting any error while using this app, just let us know. Our experts will try to resolve it. Your suggestions and feedback are always welcomed. Stay tune!

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